“You gotta fight, stand up strong. You got a fire, so let it burn on. Show ‘em what you’re worth…You gotta roar, get up and shout. Ain’t gonna blend in; go on and stand out. Show ‘em what you’re worth…I’ve been created for a purpose that is solely His—know what I’m worth—aye! Don’t plan on playing games. I’m destiny’s child. I say His name—Jesus, you’re the only one. Stick closer than a friend and watch that fire deep inside you never die again.”

Sometimes the world tells us that we’re worthless or treats us like we’re worthless, but this song says—don’t believe it! Here’s the TRUTH: We are worth everything in God’s eyes! We are precious to Him and he wants us to find our worth in Him, not in what the world says is important. This song is a battle cry to fight back against the lies that come at us from every side. It is a cheer that says stand up, let the fire in you burn bright! Hear this personally then play this song for all the people you know who are listening to the world’s lies and questioning their worth. Let’s link arms with one another and with Jesus and get busy showing the world what we are worth in His eyes!

Matthew 10:29-31 “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

Questions: Have you ever questioned your worth because of the lies of the world? What helps you be strong and fight back when the world tells you lies about your worth? Who will you encourage to find their worth in the truth and love of the Lord instead of the lies of the world?

Prayer Power: Dear Lord, thank you that you love me so much that you even know the number of hairs on my head. Thank you for loving me so much that you sent your son Jesus to die for me that I may live with you eternally. Thank you that I can find my worth in you. Protect me and those I love from the lies of the world.

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“It’s hardwired, living inside of me. No matter where I go, I know You’re gonna be with me. I just can’t seem to shake You. Even if I could, yeah, I would not change a thing, yeah. If it’s pushing You away, yeah, or running to You, You still love me the same, yeah. Hallelujah! And as long as my heart is beating and my lungs are breathing, I’ll keep on singing for You. Even right to the moment when you call me home, yeah, I’ll still be singing for You, ‘cause that’s what lifers do.”

What are you a “lifer” for? Will you cheer for your college team “for life?” Are you friends “for life” with some special people? Will you eat chocolate “for life?” All those things are fine, (especially if it is dark chocolate that has more nutrition per bite, haha!) but these are not the most important lifer choices.

What this song is talking about is being a “lifer” who trusts in God no matter what, through highs and lows, pain and joy—until the day that the Lord returns and takes us to be home with him eternally. When you are a “lifer for God” your life is filled with powerful moments of reading his Word—his love letter to you, praying—talking with him as a friend and daddy, and singing praise to him in worship. If you need to ramp up these “lifer for God” habits, now is the time! Let’s be lifers for the Lord as we wait patiently for the best that is yet to come when we will be with him! Press on as God calls you heavenward!

Philippians 3:14  “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Questions: What does it mean to you to be a “lifer for God”?   What are you a “lifer” for?

Prayer Power:  Dear Lord, I commit to being a dedicated “lifer” or you. Help me to trust in you every moment. Help me to hope in your promises. Help me to be strong as I walk through this life by your side. I’m a lifer for You, God. Amen.


More from Mercy Me about the song…  

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning and had a song “playing in your head?” This happens to me all the time. Have you ever been going about your day and found yourself suddenly humming a song you heard recently? I can relate to that. Here’s a funny thing—have you ever noticed that usually the music playing in your head is playing at the same volume that you last listened to it—and sometimes it is pretty loud—right? Music not only penetrates the air waves, it penetrates our souls. It remains in our memory in deep ways and touches our heart, even bringing back to our remembrance special moments –complete with the emotions we felt at that moment in time. Music really is unstoppable!

So here is the lesson for all of us to learn. The music we listen to matters. It matters to our heart and our soul. That is why we must be wise and listen to music that lifts us up and encourages us. The music we exercise to in Body & Soul is chosen with care and with prayer.  It points us to the hope and peace that is ours as followers of Jesus Christ. It reminds us of his unstoppable love for us. Matty Mullins says it this way in one of our songs: “We’re living in a broken world; sometimes It seems that love is on strike. We’re so blinded by the hurt, when the answer is right in front of our eyes…through the darkest times, I believe His light still shines. This love is unstoppable.”

God’s love is unstoppable! It is my prayer that you will hear and experience this message in your heart and soul as you get stronger physically this session in Body & Soul. For more insights into this session’s songs, look up the lyrics (below) or click here to read our Devotional.

Songs Artists
Unstoppable Matty Mullins
Unstoppable God (Radio Mix) Elevation Worship
Starting Line Jason Castro
Run Sanctus Real
Spring Up Tim Timmons
When the Crazy Kicks In Francesca Battistelli
Rivals Citizen Way
Warrior Hannah Kerr
Share Yourself Loose Vicki Winans
Your Love Will Make a Way Mallory Hope
Witness Jordan Feliz
Love Won’t Let me Down Young & Free
Not Backing Down Blanca
The Great Unknown Matty Mullins
Beloved Jordan Feliz
No Limit Beckah Shae
Never Stopped Loving Jeremy Camp
You Can Matty Mullins
When We Pray Tauren Wells
Unstoppable Love Jesus Culture
Impossible Meredith Andrews
unstoppable (soul glow activatur phenomenon remix) TobyMac
Undefeated Tauren Wells
Awesome God R-Swift
Increible Mielos Son Marcos


Jeannie Blocher is the Founder and President Emeritus of Body & Soul Fitness. She is an ACE certified fitness professional and faculty member, and currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Impact for Body & Soul. She is the author of Make Today Your Best Day Ever and Encouragement for the Body and the Soul, and speaks to women’s groups inspiring them to grow in faith & fitness.