Where Faith & Fitness Meet

Body & Soul classes offer exercise to strengthen the body, uplifting music to nourish the soul, and fellowship to keep you motivated. This powerful combination is why we have 35 years of Body & Soul Fitness to celebrate!

We care about the health of your body– and your soul. We offer programs that will strengthen you physically– for every age and every body. We offer prayer support and friendship. We offer music that will lift your spirit and remind you that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Our goal is to encourage you in both physical and spiritual fitness…

  • whatever shape you’re in
  • whatever your fitness goals may be
  • wherever you are on your faith journey
  • wherever you are in the world

We are here to help you…

  • pursue health.
  • pursue fitness.
  • pursue faith.

At Body & Soul—where faith & fitness meet.