fall classes starting now

This fall, the music in our fitness classes will challenge you to “Live Life BIG”! Are you ready for the next BIG thing in your life? Are you feeling a bit scared by the next BIG thing that might be looming on the horizon for you? Either way—you will find encouragement and inspiration in our Body, Read More

Western Instructors having fun

Join us at the Body & Soul International Fitness Workshop and Celebration! When? August 4-6, 2016 Where? McLean Bible Church,  McLean , VA Why? Body & Soul is celebrating 35 years of faith and fitness! Instructors, students, and friends are all invited to join us for: first-rate workout sessions showcasing the latest fitness trends, Read More

Smile while you Squat in Power Strength

Sweat stung our eyes. Our arms shook as we attempted one more push-up. Our legs were jello after the lunge set. As the class ended and we carried our weights to our cars, a student turned to me and said the most unlikely thing. “This is the highlight of my Saturday.” Seriously?! We had, Read More

Live Life BIG Themes

When you see the title of the fall fitness session of Body & Soul what do you think? Are you excited to dream about how you can live life bigger, have more impact, and make a difference? Or…are you exhausted trying to manage the size of your life as it is right now, not, Read More