Upcoming training

Instructors are trained by top-notch ACE-certified Trainers. At Workshops across the country, instructors:

  • learn new choreography and programming
  • get continuing education credits (CECs) at ACE-approved, relevant courses (as a gift!)
  • are inspired spiritually
  • connect with friends

Instructor training events are open to all current (and former) instructors, as well as Fast Track applicants. (Click here to find out more about Fast Track, the quick and easy way to become an instructor!)


Fall Training Workshops

August 3-5– Eastern Workshop – Laurel, MD

August 10-12– South Central Workshop -Oklahoma City, OK

August 11-12– Western Workshop – Roseville, CA

Winter Training Workshops

December 1-2– Eastern Workshop

December 1-2– South Central Workshop -Oklahoma City, OK

December 8-9– Arkansas Workshop

December 8-9– Western Workshop – Roseville, CA