When my children were little I used to put my love for them in action by singing to them to calm them. Simple tunes like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and my favorite—“Jesus loves me, this I know.” As they grew, I would play music while driving around on errands and we would all sing together. A great way to pass the time and bring out the smiles!

These days I sing to, and sing with, my grandkids—and I give the oldest ones iTunes gift cards and help them choose the latest, greatest in Christian songs so they can have the music with them on their devices to listen to any time they wish. And finding music suggestions for them is easy—since we use such great music in Body & Soul!

Love in Action Devtional

Love in Action Devotional

Check out all the latest Body & Soul tunes in the front of the Spring 2017 “Love in Action” devotional booklet and take time to read the words of encouragement and the Scriptures noted in the booklet. It will lift your heart on hard days and help you soar on days when your soul is filled with joy and your eyes are already fixed on God.

This session I hope you will experience love in action though the music we exercise to in Body & Soul. It both powers us up and cools us down, depending on the tempo and style! Our lead song for spring is “Love with Your Life” by Hollyn. She sings, “L-O-V-E rolls off the tongue, but sometimes the word’s just not enough—you gotta dig a little deeper. You gotta love with your life if you want to see a change. Let’s all plan to dig a little deeper to show our love to others by our actions. You will be amazed at the change in others when you make this change in yourself!

Check out the links below for the lyrics to all the songs of our session.

Songs Artists
Love with Your Life Hollyn
Not Forgotten Ryan Stevenson
Burn Baby Burn MercyMe
Real Love Y&F
One Thing Remains Kutless
Where I am Shuree
Show Love Family Force 5
On My Side Citizen Way
Crazy Love Hawk Nelson
Never Stop Urban Rescue
Unite 1GN
You are Loved Heather Williams
My All Beckah Shae
Love Broke Thru TobyMac
Live Like You’re Loved Hawk Nelson
Love is Action Tauren Wells
Loyal Lauren Daigle
Eye of the Storm Ryan Stevenson
Never Been a Moment Micah Taylor
Fierce Jesus Culture
Dare you to Trust My Love Ryan Stevenson
Fallin’ in Love Brit Nicole
Perfect Love Planetshakers
Battles The Afters


Jeannie Blocher is the Founder and President Emeritus of Body & Soul Fitness. She is an ACE certified fitness professional and faculty member, and currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Impact for Body & Soul. She is the author of Make Today Your Best Day Ever and Encouragement for the Body and the Soul, and speaks to women’s groups inspiring them to grow in faith & fitness.

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Does this blog title excite you or bring you anxiety? Do the limitless possibilities in your life cause you to begin making a list of all the many choices you get to make today, or remind you that you’ve never been a strong decision-maker and you’d rather not have to choose? Well, possibilities require choices, and choices either get us excited or cause us anxiety. Vanilla or chocolate. Tennis shoes or cowboy boots. Read the book or watch the movie. So many choices in the world of food, apparel, and hobbies. We even have choices to make when it comes to our pursuit of fitness. Bike or hike. Swim or run. Group fitness or personal training. But with each pair of choices you just read, you likely had a decision come to your mind – a choice. We’re going to call that decision your “favorite” between the two. Here are my favorites: chocolate (be honest – there’s no real choice there!), tennis shoes, read the book, bike (that’s a tough one), swim, group fitness (that’s an easy one).

When it comes to the class programs of Body & Soul, however, I cannot begin to pick my favorite, because each one is challenging and full of innovative exercise plans that keep me coming back for more! I love lifting weights to great contemporary Christian music during Power Strength, and I love getting my heart rate up during cardio intervals in Boot Camp. This morning I had the privilege of teaching a Cardio/Strength class (you can check out that program by watching the video below). This class is sure to challenge your heart and your muscles.

Whether or not you find your single favorite fitness class, I’m certain that you will find a class that you love in Body & Soul. So don’t worry about picking a favorite, just exercise your decision-making skills and start today.

Want to watch videos for other programs? Check out the Our Programs page, where all the videos are posted.


Amy Stafford is the President-elect of Body & Soul Fitness. She will begin her new role as president the weekend of the Body & Soul 35th anniversary workshop and concert, August 4-6. (See more about this on our home page. Everyone’s invited!)

Possibilities image by Damian Gadal by flickr.com.