We believe one of the things that sets us a part from other fitness programs is our music. You won’t hear vulgar lyrics, suggestive themes, or inappropriate words. Simply put – our music will always be uplifting and positive. Something your whole family can listen to. We are grateful for the artists who continue to put out great music we can exercise to.

In light of this, we are going to begin featuring songs we use in our classes. Today is a sneak peek. Let us know what you think. Comment, post a story, or share it with your circle of influence. We’ll be posting these every Saturday, so make sure you check back to catch the next one. Enjoy!

Love Broke Thru – Toby Mac

“When love broke thru You found me in the darkness, wanderin’ thru the desert. I was a hopeless fool, now I’m hopelessly devoted. My chains are broken. And it all began with You, when love broke thru.” 

God loves us—he loves us unconditionally. He loves us with an everlasting love. So many people wander around in the desert, living life in the darkness without the love of God. Maybe you remember being there. Maybe you are there right now. This song is the story of TobyMac’s life journey and it tells of the moment when God’s love broke through Toby’s darkness and filled it with the light of his love. It tells of Toby’s life when he was doing all that he could to “undo” himself, but God pursued him and drew him out of the shadows. Maybe you are living in the shadows right now. Maybe you know someone whose life is wrapped in darkness. God is waiting with open arms and overflowing love to accept all who say yes to his love. He is waiting with forgiveness if we just ask. He is waiting with redemption if we just believe. Let love break through in your life today. And pray for those you know who need to let God’s love break through to them, too.

What do you think it feels like to be wandering in the desert or living in darkness? Has God’s love broken through to you? If so, what was it like when that happened? If not, can you feel God knocking at your door right now, ready to share his love with you?

Psalm 52:8  “…I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.”

Father, Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Break through the darkness with your light of love. Continue to pursue me when I walk in my own way and try to “undo” myself. Pull me out of the shadows and into your open arms. Forgive me when I get off track and restore me as I run back to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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When the daily news is getting you down, here is a tip to lift your spirit. Replace worries and discouraging thoughts with encouraging, energizing music! Choose wisely what message will play inside your head as you go about your daily tasks. When your mind is focused on the positive promises of God set to music it can change your outlook for the whole day!

So how do we do this? I love to add some music to my quiet time of prayer and devotions in the morning. It focuses my mind on God and keeps me from getting distracted. Can you relate?  Then, what about having some music in the background as you hit the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the family and packing lunches. Next, keep listening to the music while you drive carpools, or head to work. You get the picture—think about ways that you can add uplifting music all day long.

Finally, as things wind down at the end of the day, consider how music—not just TV, can be a part of your evening. And one last tip–I will often “play a tune in my head” calming my spirit as I settle down to sleep.  I can “see” the Body & Soul Fitness choreography for that song in my mind, and it makes me smile and relax. It’s interesting how this can be a way of “counting sheep” for me. The repetition of the verses and choruses of the songs is calming—and we all can use a little more calm in our life, amen?

And the crazy thing is that I have also experienced waking up the next morning with that song being the first thing that hits my mind—the encouraging message of that song had somehow been with me all night –it’s amazing how the mind works. Only our Almighty God could have created our brain this way!

Best News Ever Devotional

If you have never tried this type of “personal music therapy” check out the Body & Soul winter playlist in the front of the devotional above and choose some songs that you can download and listen to. And while you are there—read the devotional messages about the theme of this session of Body & Soul. The Scriptures and wisdom will definitely lift your heart above the worries and cares of this world.  This session in particular the message of the songs is focused on the best news ever—the fact that Jesus has redeemed all who believe in him and we can look forward to eternal life in heaven with him one day! Now that is good news!

Songs Artists Webistes
Best is Yet to Come Group 1 Crew azlyrics.com
Rest of My Life Jasmine Murray azlyrics.com
Bring it On Kutless azlyrics.com
Child of Heaven Calling Glory youtube.com
Open the Clouds Unspoken azlyrics.com
Now Mallary Hope air1.com
Impossible 1GN 1GNofficial.com
Just Hold On Citizen Way azlyrics.com
Can’t be Moved Jeremy Camp azlyrics.com
Heaven’s Here MercyMe azlyrics.com
Bulletproof Citizen Way air1.com
The Best is Yet to Come Matty Mullins azlyrics.com
What You’re Worth Mandisa azlyrics.com
Lifer MercyMe azlyrics.com
Never Gonna Let me Go Tauren Wells azlyrics.com
Best Day Ever KJ52 metrolyrics.com
Unfinished Mandisa azlyrics.com
Best News Ever MercyMe azlyrics.com
Hills and Valleys Tauren Wells air1.com
All that Matters Colton Dixon air1.com
There Will be a Day Jeremy Camp azlyrics.com
Endless Praise PlanetShakers azlyrics.com
Good News Mandisa azlyrics.com
Till’ the Day I Die TobyMac azlyrics.com
Me Voy P’al Cielo Franklin Valverde


Jeannie Blocher is the Founder and President Emeritus of Body & Soul Fitness. She is an ACE certified fitness professional and faculty member, and currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Impact for Body & Soul. She is the author of Make Today Your Best Day Ever and Encouragement for the Body and the Soul, and speaks to women’s groups inspiring them to grow in faith & fitness.